Voice Recorder Plugin

Accept Voice-Mail From Your Visitors, Fans, Followers, Members, Podcast Listeners and YouTube or Any Other Audience

Voice Recorder & Voice-Mail WordPress Plugin for Your Website

Voice Recorder Plugin offers you the easiest and simplest way to get your Audience to record their Voice and leave you Voicemail directly from your website.

Imagine being able to get audio feedback from your audience.

Audio Recordings from your Website Visitors, Fans, Followers, Podcast Listeners, YouTube subscribers, Social Media Followers, Current- and Future Customers, Members, Coaching Clients, Challenge Participants, Friends and Family, Business Associates and most importantly, your 1000 True Fans.

Use it to get Questions about your Product or Service, questions you can use in your Podcast or YouTube show, for Q&A's for your Content Marketing or Online Courses, Answers for a Contest or Challenge you're running, to get Testimonials, Feedback, Engagement, and even Pre-Sales Queries.

Anyone can now quickly and easily send you an instant Audio Message, directly from your website.

They don't have to install any software, download any apps or browser plugins.

They can leave you voice-mail using just a regular web browser, from any mobile device or computer.

Getting Voice Messages Online doesn't get easier than this.

The recordings are stored directly on your website as high-quality, uncompressed .wav files (assuming, of course, they're not recording right next to a loud air-conditioner :-)

You can import these .wav files into your audio editor, edit them as you choose, and convert into mp3's if you wish to use them in your Podcast or other Audio or Video content.

If you used a plugin like S3MediaVault,com, you could get these files Transcribed using Amazon AWS for just a few cents per minute of audio. And Voice Recorder is built into S3MediaVault.


Hit Record & Start Talking!

Go ahead and give it a try and leave us a voice-mail.

Voice Recorder

Microphone Level (once you start recording, you'll see the mic audio signal below):

Recording size: (size 0 bytes)
Max recording time: 5 minutes
Time left: 00:00

When you click "Start Recording", you will be prompted to provide access to your default microphone.

If you're on a phone, that will be your phone's built-in mic. If you're on a computer, it'll be the built-in mic or an external mic (like ATR2100 or Blue Yeti).

Allow access (it's secure) and leave us a voice message.

Resume Recording

Voice Recorder Plugin is the only plugin of its kind that allows your visitors to "Resume" their recording (from where they left off) without having to start a new one.

So, they could start leaving you a voice-mail, pause it, preview it, make sure it sounds OK, then resume their recording and continue with their audio message, without having to create an entirely new recording from scratch.

Simplest Voice Recorder Your Audience Will Ever Use

  • Start Recording
  • Allow Mic Access.
  • Leave Voice-mail.
  • Stop Recording.
  • Preview it if they choose to.
  • Finish Recording and Save.
  • That's it!

Leaving a voice recording for you is as simple as that.

Your visitor doesn't have to download any special software or app.

Just hit record right from their web browser, on any device (mobile or computer) that they're using to access your website.

Works on All Devices: Mobile, Mac, PC, Chromebook, and everything else

Easiest WordPress Plugin You'll Ever Use.

30-Second Setup

Install plugin. Enter the text on the page where you want the recorder to show up. Recorder shows up like the one you see above.

Single Admin Page

Just 1 back-end Admin page where you can see all of the recordings that your audience have recorded for you.

Works on All Devices

Your visitors can leave you voice-mail from any browser on any device, mobile or computer.


Install the plugin. Add the text to any WordPress Page, Post, Sidebar, Widget etc where you want the recorder to be displayed.


Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is displayed on the page, with all of the buttons matching your theme's colors.


View Saved Recordings

All Voice Recordings are saved on your website. You can listen to them, download and/or delete them in the Voice Recorder Admin page.

You (or the WordPress Admin user) will also be sent a notification email when someone leaves you voice-mail with the direct link to listen-to and download the audio directly from the email, without having to log in to your website.

Voice Recorder WordPress Plugin

Limited Duration Pre-Launch Pricing

1 Site

(One-Time Payment)

$69  $29

  • Lifetime License*
  • 1 Year Upgrades & Support

10 Sites

(One-Time Payment)

$199  $69

  • Lifetime License*
  • 1 Year Upgrades & Support

- 10-Sites License and Lifetime Unlimited Sites license are both for use on a single owner's websites. Not an Agency license. May not be used on client- or third-party owned websites.

* Lifetime License means you own the plugin for life. Your license key will never stop working (unless you get a refund, of course :-).

* With the 1-site and 10-site licenses, you get 1 year of Upgrades & Support. So you can get new versions and updates and support for 1 year from the time of purchase. After that 1 year, if you don't need new versions or support, you never have to pay anything ever again.

- Lifetime Unlimited-site license comes with Lifetime Upgrades & Support for life. You pay only once, for life.

Free Voice Recorder

If you are a DigitalAccessPass.com Platinum or Elite Member, you get this plugin for free as part of your membership.

30 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee!


Money Back Guarantee

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